Commemorative Day Events

Eötvös 100 Budapest, 2019.04.08-09.

1. Eötvös 100 Central Event
  • Musical greeting (Vörösmarty Student Choir of the Budapest Piarist High School, conductor: Béla Melegh)
    Kodály: The tower watchman of Nándor, Kodály: A peacock takes its perch, Bartók: Song of loneliness, Bartók: Letters to those at home)
  • Greeting Speach by László Lovász as Host
  • Greeting Speech by László Palkovics
  • Greeting Speech by Miklós Kásler (read by László Szarka)
  • Greeting Speech by László Borhy
  • RDI and the Eötvös Oeuvre (Zoltán Birkner)
  • Greetings from IUGG (Kathryn A. Whaler)
  • Roland Eötvös, the Scientist (Jenő Sólyom)
  • Roland Eötvös, the Man (Andrea Molnár)
  • Life stream from the Eötvös 100 exhibition at EGU, Vienna (incl. interviews with Jonathan Bamber and Sierd CLoetingh)
  • Roland Eötvös Memorial Competitions, 2019 (László Molnár)
  • Issuance of Roland Eötvös Commemorative Coins and Stamp (Magyar Nemzeti Bank – Central Bank of Hungary and Magyar Posta)
  • Sándor Vándor: Air (performed by: Barnabás Tóth and Bálint Horváth)
2. Roland Eötvös the Scientist
  • Impact of Surface Water Layers on Protein Function (Dér András)
  • Remeasurement of the Eötvös experiment (Völgyesi Lajos)
  • The Fifth Force (Ván Péter)
  • Roland Eötvös - towards a better understanding of the Earth (Timár Gábor)
  • Geophysics of the Carpathian Basin (Kiss János)
  • Astronomy with gravitational waves (Raffai Péter)
3. Roland Eötvös the Man
  • Roland Eötvös in the Light of the Academy Eötvös 100 Exhibition (Babus Antal)
  • Roland Eötvös, the Sports Organizer (Székely Mózes)
  • First decades of the Baron Eötvös József Collegium: the reception process of the French secondary teacher training boarding school system (Garai Imre)
  • Stereoscopic pictures taken by Roland Eötvös (Regály Zsolt, Ugyan Anita)
  • 3D virtual presentation of the MBFS Eötvös Loránd Memorial Collection (Márkus Zsolt László)
4. MTA Movie Club
Az inga leng, a kronométer számol… (

Photo Gallery:


5. Wreath layout ceremony at the tomb of Roland Eötvös
6. Thanksgiving mass
As it was told by Kázmér P. Kárpáti OFM in basis of 4 Moses (Book of Numbers) 21:4-9 and John 8:21-32, Roland Eötvös was looking for selfless and deep connections, against selfish and limited superficiality.

Eötvös 100 Vienna, 08-12.04.2019

7. Report on the Eötvös 100 Exhibition held at the Assembly of the European Geoscience Union (EGU)
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