Vote for the Eötvös Loránd Park!

In July 2019, the local government announced an Internet vote on the name of the new park to be established at the Normafa (Hegyvidék, XII. District in Budapest). Please vote for "Eötvös Loránd Park"!

Eötvös 100 Coordination Team


Eötvös 100 international events in summer 2019

Stereoscopic photos from the Dolomites made by Roland Eötvös (1875-1915). Photo exhibition in Toblach (Dobbiacio), 2019.08.09-09.21. - Invitation:
International Olympiad of Astrophysics and Astronomy (IOAA). Keszthely-Hévíz, 2019. augusztus 2-10.
IUGG Centenary Assembly. Montreal, 2019. július 8-18.
GIREP 2019. Budapest, 2019. július 1-5.
International Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Constants (FKK 2019). Tihany, 2019. június 10-14.
81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition. 2019; London, 2019. június 3-8.

Commemorative Competition

The Eötvös Loránd Physical Society (in co-operation with Association of Hungarian Geophysicists and MTA Institute for Computer Science and Control) announces the Roland Eötvös Commemorative Competition. It is an educational competition for secondary school students, in Hungarian language. For fourther information see the Hungarian version of the website

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